Sandbox environment documentation

Sandbox Environment

Sandbox is an environment isolated from the production environment but has the same behavior.

In this environment, you can test Mono and simulate different scenarios.
Production environment is not affected by any change done here. Every functionality available in production is available for test in sandbox.

You can access sandbox in

Testing bank transfers

In the sandbox environment, you can simulate successful and declined transfers. To develop your system correctly, keep in mind that two validations occur before the money is credited to the payee's account.

  1. Origin bank validations: the first validation is done by our bank partner to ensure you have enough balance, including the GMF tax, and that you haven't exceeded the origin account's transactional limits (any admin user can adjust these limits directly in the user interface). Origin bank declinations in production are usually informed in less than 10 minutes through a webhook.

  2. Destination bank validations: The second validation is performed by the destination bank to check the account information and status. In production, these declinations take up to three ACH cycles, or around 12 working hours, to be received. In the sandbox, these are simulated in 2 minutes.

To simulate bank transfers specify the payee's Document number when creating a bank transfer.

Declined by the origin bank: starts with 888 and ends with 000 (e.g. 88814235000)

Declined by the destination bank: starts with 999 and ends with 000 (e.g. 99914235000)

Successful bank transfer: any document number not matching the above (e.g. 1122334455)